Lifestyle photosession. Women's friendship and support

I had this idea in mind to tell a story about friendship for a long time. Friendship among women.


We all need encouragement, inspiration, and support. It’s important to be connected with people. But it’s even more important to find and surround yourself with the right people. Who will listen to you and show empathy. Where you can talk, laugh and cry together.


Thank you, Adisa and Petra, for being a part of your morning. A morning filled with fun, laughs, wisdom, quietness, and mindfulness.

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I was lucky to capture Ice Bathing Experience. Moreover, I did take it as well. Adisa gave all necessary instructions and we did a breathing work before. 

It's something so unique that you must try it at least once in your life.

Two Amazing Women

PETRA is a trauma-trained professional with a background in Holistic Health and Somatic Movement. She specializes in nervous system regulation and Somatic Therapy.


ADISA is a Physical Mental & Spiritual Alchemist.

She offers Pilates, Meditation, Breath-Work, and Ice Bath experience.