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5 reasons why a half-day photosession is so special

Having a half day of a family lifestyle photosession can be a truly special and unique experience. 

Sometimes I get enquires for "just a few photos", or "we need only half an hour". But I will be honest, I cannot create meaningful photos in a very limited time. I wish I could create special memories, covering a big part of your life. I cannot do it in one or two hours. But up to 5-6 hours will be enough to get real, raw, and sincere moments about you.


I want you to have the best possible experience. I want you to start looking at family photosessions not as "to get a few nice photos" but more like creating a true story of your life. You can do such sessions only once a year but it will be the best possible investment for your children and whole family for the rest of your life. 


People worry about their look, place, and so many other things. I strongly believe that the "half of the day" package is the opportunity to relax, enjoy your family time and create everlasting memories. 

Here are 5 reasons why a longer "half of the day photosession" is worth having.

1. Authentic Storytelling: With a longer duration,  your family's genuine interactions and emotions can be captured in a more natural and relaxed manner. It allows to document real-life moments that unfold, telling a more authentic and compelling story of your lives.


2. Variety of Settings: A half-day session provides the flexibility to explore multiple locations and settings. I can capture images both indoors and outdoors, in different rooms of the house, or even venture outside to parks, playgrounds, or other meaningful locations to you. This variety adds depth and richness to the overall collection of images.


3. Unrushed Experience: The extended time frame of a half-day session creates a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere. It allows your family to settle into the session, feel comfortable in front of the camera, and truly be yourselves. This relaxed environment often leads to more authentic and spontaneous moments, resulting in emotionally rich and genuine photographs.


4. Documenting Milestones: A half-day session is particularly beneficial for capturing significant milestones or events in your family's life. It could be a birthday celebration, a holiday gathering, or a special family outing. The extended duration ensures that we have enough time to capture all the important moments and create a comprehensive visual record of the occasion.


5. Meaningful Moments: Such session allows for the documentation of everyday moments that often go unnoticed but hold immense value. From breakfast rituals and playtime to bath time and bedtime routines, there will be an opportunity to capture the little moments that make up the essence of your family life. These seemingly ordinary moments hold great significance and evoke nostalgia in the future. 

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A half-day family lifestyle photosession offers a unique opportunity to document the family's life in a deeper, more meaningful way. It allows for a relaxed and immersive experience, capturing authentic moments, and creating a visual legacy that truly reflects the essence of the family.


This is your life and the best you can do is live it to the fullest. In many years (or just a few) you will understand that the look didn’t matter. What matters is your connection, love, and authenticity that will be captured.


We can start the photosession with the first sun rays. Even if the kids are in bed.


We can cover your daily routine starting from teeth brushing, combing, and having breakfast. Or maybe on this day, you want to make the meal altogether? An omelet or pancakes?


After breakfast, we can go for a walk to capture your favorite places in the city or go to a place you have never been. Or just stay at home if you like to spend it with your family. Imagine your perfect day. Live it and photos will remind you how happy you are.