Hello! Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy my world. My name is Tanya and I am a lifestyle family and portrait photographer, currently based in Dubai, UAE. 

    I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine as well as all my family. This is why summers I mostly spend in Kyiv and travel around the world. I have two beautiful daughters who are the greatest inspiration for me.

   My photography journey started in 2012. I like to spend time outdoors as much as possible but sometimes I stay at home to have a lazy Friday or Saturday when we play and do different activities. 

   I  like: sunrise, peonies and sakura blossoms, waves, starry sky,  the light of fireflies at night, paintings of impressionists, Miyazaki movies, music by Yiruma, Joe Hisaishi, Yan Tiersen, George Ezra, LP, Elton John, One Republic, Queen, Enya and others, watercolor paintings, Woody Allen movies, BBC films and lots of other things.

   Photography gives me inspiration and energy to create something new and unique. I'm a creative thinker. I try to see beauty everywhere. I am very meticulous with my work and I work hard to achieve good results. I always love to learn something new about photography. 

My dream job is to create stories for people with whom I have a spiritual connection. I long for having clients with whom I can work alongside, towards a shared vision. Working with interesting people gives me much inspiration to create more effective and memorable results.

About my style


    I love to catch sincere and honest moments;  the way people look, move, play, laugh or talk.  I prefer to call myself a natural light lifestyle photographer. The idea behind my photography is to tell people's story. 

   I prefer to shoot outdoors or at your home location. I use natural light most of the time because I believe that this is the way we see this world. I continually shoot during our time spent together to capture real emotions and unique details, which define you.  I love the photos filled with motion, light, personality and air.

      During the photoshoot I usually don’t intervene much but give prompts what to do if I see it’s necessary. I love to take some portraits, details and close-up photos. 

     I like to shoot in a relaxed and natural atmosphere and you don’t have to look all the time into the camera. I want you to do the things you usually do: chat, play, walk, run, eat etc. 

     Just think about things you want to remember about this period of your life – this is what I would like to capture for you.