in-home & outdoor family photoshoots in Dubai.  

Unposed, real, comfortable and relaxed family photoshoots in Dubai, UAE

Are you looking for a photographer who will make chronicles of your life? The one who will document your daily moments without much posing and rush?

You are not a big fan of being in front of the camera, right? But you want to have those precious memories about your life.

Imagine you living your life and enjoy time with your family while there will be someone silently capturing those precious moments with your beloved ones.

Yes, it's possibly.

Any page of your life is important and worth remembering.

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Are you looking for an unposed, sincere, and joyful family photoshoot in Dubai?

Imagine a photoshoot where genuine smiles and connections unfold naturally.

Have you just given a birth to a baby or already have a cute toddler running around non-stop? Do you want to celebrate first milestones of your child?

Are you planning a birthday in a family circle? Or do you have your parents visiting you in a city?

It's time to breath in and out and just have your family around and forget about anything else. 

It's time to Find a photographer in Dubai to capture your story.

My name is Tanya and I am a family and portrait photographer, currently based in Dubai, UAE.


I am here for you to create your very special story.


Explore my page, see my images, learn more about me and read a blog.

If it speaks to you, we can work together to make your day special and memorable.

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Let's capture your story.

Family chronicles.

There are so many things going on every day and every minute. But sometimes we are too busy to stop and live in this moment.

It's time to pause, put aside your phones and be present.

I will be there to take photos and create moments of your family.

 In many years (or just a few) you will understand that the look didn’t matter. What matters is your connection, love, and authenticity that will be captured.



Home, Daily life, Nature Adventures

Candid and natural moments of a family in your everyday life. 

Any Family photoshoot should be about....

Authentic Storytelling

Meaningful Moments

Documenting Milestones

Can you picture a photoshoot that feels more like a fun day spent with your family?

Do you want to be captured:

- in bed with first sun rays, cuddling with your little ones in pyjamas,

- preparing a breakfast in the kitchen,

- having a breakfast all together at home, on the beach or in the garden,

- dressing up in kings, queens or just doing a catwalk fashion show all together,

- celebrating birthday in your family circle,

- doing arts and crafts, and playing board games,

- having a dance party with your favorite music,

- going for a walk to the beach and splashing in the water in the end,

- driving to the desert and running through the golden dunes or camping there for a night?

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Ever wished to freeze those precious family moments in time?

“ No poses, just us being us at home. ”

We asked Tetiana to capture our family at home in our own familiar surroundings so that the kids would be themselves - the photos are wonderful memories of having the children's grandparents to stay and they show how much they love running around in the garden.

— Jen Ziaei 


Find a blossom in your heart and soul.  Let your story be shown through the photographs. Be true and real. 

Caroline Coetzee

“Tanya's quiet confidence puts you at ease immediately and no matter what the location is, she always manages to capture the essence of that moment.” 

Ready to capture the beauty in your family's unique story?

Eager to see your family's love and connections come alive in photographs?



   Hello, everyone and thank you for visiting my page. I am Tanya and I am a lifestyle family and portrait photographer, currently based in Dubai, UAE.


I believe that the world we live in is full of kindness and love. Do you also believe in it?


It may not be always like this and sometimes I want to hide in my shell… but by picking up my camera I want this life to be captured in its most beautiful and authentic way.

   I want everyone who emerges in my photos to see how lucky they are to have each other. This life is unique and it’s absolutely worth being remembered and cherished. You can create an everlasting memories for yourself, kids and all the generations to come. Why? Because they will see your love and care in the images. Photos can speak about who we really are.

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If you love as well chasing light, shade, movement, feelings and emotions, we can become a good team together. From the moment you send me a message to the day I deliver images we will work as a team.

I want embrace colors of the inner and outer universe around you and your damily.

 I hope I will create together a story for you too :) Get in touch and we will make up something fantastic!

Much love,