An introvert in an extroverted world

I was born on a cold but sunny morning In Kyiv. There was a snowfall just a day before. Everything was covered in snow. I was born in an old hospital located right in front of the Main Botanical Garden. Me and my twin sister Olya. We were born one month prior to the due date so nurses took us away straight away from our mom and she didn’t even see us. She was allowed to come and spend time with us later, for one month. Then finally we were at home.


I strongly believe that it’s very important to be with your baby in the first few minutes of life, but I was deprived of it. At least I was with my sister. We were together in this. It was the Soviet Union, and nobody cared about empathy or the mother’s feelings. A cruel world...


I always felt a bit away from this world. I had many fears, too many thoughts and dreams.



Art was always by my side but only in 2012 I decided to pick up a camera and go into the world. Not many people believed in this form of job ( a photographer?! Is it even a profession?). But I started to learn about this world from a different angle. A camera was by my side and new doors opened.


I am exploring this world with a camera and, yes, I can hide behind it. It’s my safe place.


But what I know is that I want to help people to see the world from a different perspective. Not the one we got used to. With all these trends, ads, and people’s opinions. I don’t want you to look and smile and pretend to be someone you have in mind. I want to show people who they really are. In a beautiful way. Photography heals me and I want to heal people too. Even if I am introvert and it’s not easy for me to get out of my bubble.


But be patient with introverts. They are quite but can listen and see:) Introverts are changing the world, just in slower steps.


Looking for everyday moments and finding beauty in nature, people, and home. It's so much to be grateful for. 

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