Iceland trip. Places to visit in Iceland


July - August 2019


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I have been thinking for a while what useful content I can share with you. So, I decided to post some nice tips and information about my travels, photography, inspiration and books. The information I once looked for in the internet. 



 I travelled to Iceland with my husband, twin sister and one of our good friends in August 2019. 


I won’t use many words to describe you how beautiful and fascinating this country is. I will show you it with my photos and describe precisely our route. I will divide my story in several parts.


The total number of days we spent in Iceland was 10. For us it was a good quantity of time spending in this wonderland.


In my opinion travelling of four people is a very good option if you don’t want your journey to cost you an arm and leg. Iceland is very expensive. So at least you can share money for car renting and hotel rooms. 


So lets begin. 


We wanted our trip to be as comfortable as possible, so we stayed mostly in hotels. We had a thought of  staying one night in a tent but in the end we didn't try it. Probably the next time :)


I was planning this trip in May-June so it was definitely not the earliest we could do. So plan as soon as possible! There are not so many options there. 



My advice which we tried to follow for the first 5 days (after that we were too tired)  was to wake up as early as possible!

Be the first one to explore the nature wonders. Tourists usually come after 8 or 9 am. 



Day 1. Golden Circle  


Airport - Thingvellir National park  - Kerid  - Geysers (Geysir & Strokkur)Gullfoss waterfall


After arrival at the airport we took a rental car and went to the nearest supermarket to buy some food for the next few days. It was a good decision to have something to nibble in the car. 


2. Kerid 

a volcanic crater lake 


3. Geysers -  Geysir & Strokkur  

(we had dinner there in a cafe just across the geysers)

4. Gullfoss waterfall

So mighty waterfall. It was wet and windy but this made our experience even more memorable.

We spent the night in Solheimar Eco-Village Guesthouse

1. Waterfall Seljalandsfoss  

Wake up early and set off to see this majestic waterfall.

2. Seljavallalaug Swimming Pool

take a chance and go to this remote place. Bring towel, swimming suits and flipflops. 


4. Dyrhólaey.

Scenic views, black sands. Windy! Windy! Very Windy! Be carefull.

5. Kirkjufjara. Reynisfjara Beach view point (Dyrhólaey)

 a bit further from Dyrholaey. 5-10 minutes ride.

I thought for a moment that I would be blown away by so powerful gusts of wind. Be very careful there, don't come closer to the edge of a cliff.

Backstage. It was very windy, indeed :))

6. Reynisfjara Beach.

Take your time and walk there for a while.

There is a cosy cafe at the parking where we grabbed some tea and coffee.

We spent the night in Kirkjubæjarklaustur


Fairy stones covered with moss on our way to stay overnight.


Day 3


National park Skaftafell (waterfall Svartifoss) - Secret placelake Jokulsarlon - town Höfn (lunch) - Stokksnes


National park Skaftafell


Nice morning hiking to see the waterfall Svartifoss.


Secret place near Glacier lagoon

Good place to park your car and hike in this unique place. Nobody around you. 

Lake Jokulsarlon

 (Glacier lagoon and Diamond beach)


Magic and so powerful place. Very windy!


Our overnight staying was in Fossardalur Guesthouse, Eyjolfsstadir, 765 Djupivogur, Iceland

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