Colorful portraits in a home studio with children and adults.

Behind the scenes

I love lifestyle and documentary photography. It gives me much motivation and excitement. 

But apart from that, I love to play with colors and moods and create colourful images that bring happy feelings.

In this post, I will show you a bit of behind the scenes process.

For this project I wanted to create bright and colourful mood. I tend to work with subtle colors but sometimes your mind says: Do it differently.

I don't have bright outfits in my wardrobe so I need to buy smth bright, nice, simple and not too expensive:)

Luckily, we have Brands for Less in Dubai. I went shopping there and got nice clothes. 

While walking towards the exit of the mall (Ibn Batuta Mall) I saw Lovisa store and bought few pairs of earrings for this and future projects.

I have several fabric backdrops I bought in Satwa stores in Dubai. There are many small shops where to buy anything you need based on your budget.

This time I chose pink and yellow colors for one mood and blue and purple for another.


Usually, ideas come to my mind on a day of any project. Although, I create mood boards, prepare the props beforehand. I wake up in the morning and then it comes again. Something new and fresh.


I was very lucky to ask these beautiful ladies, Precious and Ashley to be my models.



The light comes from a window in my room. Morning time is the best to have a nice and even light. After a midday it becomes too dark.



 - pink Foil Fringe Curtain (from Amazon);

- paper confetti;

- colouful ribbons (from Daiso and Amazon);

- clothes (Brands for less);

- fabric backdrop (Satwa stores in Dubai);

- a wooden stool (from IKEA);

- earrings (Lovisa store in IBN Batuta)

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When it comes to photograph children

My best models are my daughters.


When the heat approaches Dubai I start taking portraits of them inside. We use their room in the afternoon because the sun faces that part of the building. So it's very bright.


I use my backdrop stand I bought on Amazon and fabrics from Satwa shops in Dubai. 

Then I needed to collect all yellow, green and blue clothes we had at home. I made braids with ribbons and it's important that the kids enjoy the process. Otherwise, you will all go crazy.


Yellow color is about being playful and happy.


It comes from a big window in a girls' room. Evening light. It's important to know where the light appears in your house during the day. Explore your home. You will be amazed how different light can be every hour. 



 - all yellow dresses and leggins I managed to find at home (Next and Zara shops mostly);

- ribbons;

-headphones (thank you, Amazon, again)  - - hair clips;

- yellow chair;

- yellow flowers:) 


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