What is a lifestyle family photography

Why Lifestyle Family Photography is the Perfect Way to Capture Your Family's Story

In this post I would like to share what a lifestyle family photosession is exactly and give you 15 ideas of activities during the photosession. 

In this post I would like to share what a lifestyle family photosession is exactly and give you 15 ideas of activities during the photosession.

Why is it so special? 

And why you should consider having it for your next family photosession?


So, let's begin.

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The idea behind a lifestyle Family Photosession



LIFESTYLE FAMILY PHOTOSESSION is a type of photography that captures candid and natural moments of a family in their everyday life. 


Unlike traditional family portraits that are posed and formal, lifestyle photography is focused on capturing the essence and personality of a family through their interactions, emotions, and environment.


The best place for such event is a family's home or a location that is meaningful to them, such as a park or beach. A photographer documents the family engaging in their daily routines, playing games, cookingsharing food together, talking, playing, or simply spending time together.




Lifestyle photography typically involves MINIMAL POSING and DIRECTION from the photographer, allowing the family to be themselves and interact naturally. The resulting images often have a RELAXED and CANDID feel and can be cherished as a reflection of the family's real life and connections.



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5 REASONS why a lifestyle Family Photosession is so unique

I will give you 5 REASONS why a LIFESTYLE FAMILY PHOTOSESSION is so SPECIAL event to capture your family:



1. Authenticity: A lifestyle family photosession captures real-life moments and interactions, creating authentic and genuine images that reflect the family's personality and dynamics.

2. Emotion: It captures emotions, expressions, and connections that are often missed in traditional posed sessions. The images showcase the love, joy, and laughter that make a family unique.

3.Memories: The photographs captured during a photosession become treasured memories that can be passed down through generations. They capture a moment in time that can never be replicated.

4. Storytelling: This photosession tells the story of the family's everyday life, capturing the moments and details that make their life special. It's a visual representation of the family's journey and their story.

5. Personalization: A lifestyle family photosession is tailored to the family's unique interests, hobbies, and personalities. The photographer works with the family to create a personalized experience that reflects who they are as a family.


15 ideas of activities during a Lifestyle photosession.

What is the best way to start feeling comfortable in front of the camera? The answer is simple: do things together and stop paying attention at a camera person. Think of activities your family usually do or always wanted to try. Brainstorm ideas.  Have a list or make a new one. Is there something you do together on weekends, every day, once a week or once a month? What makes your children happy? 


It might sound complicated but I will give you some ideas of what can bring happy moments and emotions during the photosession.

1. Go for a walk or hike in a scenic location;
2. Have a picnic or barbecue in a park or backyard;
3. Play a game outdoors: ball, badminton, mini golf or frisbee;
4. Fly kites;
5. Blow bubbles;
6. Have a water fight;
7. Play in a sprinkler;
8. Visit a farmer's market or fair;
9. Have a family meal together: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Indoors or in the garden. Decorate the table with kids;
10. Play musical instruments or sing songs together;
11. Have a family workout or yoga session;
12. Bake cookies or have a family cooking session: salad, spaghetti, avocado toasts, making a smoothie from fresh berries or fruits;
13. Read books together in a cozy corner of the house or tell stories together;
14. Have a family board game night: play chess, domino or any other game you like;
15. Explore a new neighborhood or city and take photos along the way.

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