Morning in the desert. Motherhood photosession in Dubai.

Have you ever gone to the desert with first rays in the morning? With no traffic and no rush? Not because you need to be on time for school or for work. Just because you want to welcome a new day in a quite unusual place. Take some warm clothes because it’s quite cool during November- January period in Dubai. Grab some snacks and a bottle of tea or maybe hot chocolate.


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I love this photosession we did with Maria and Lev one misty early morning in November 2020. That time I discovered that place in Al Qudra Lakes and I had an idea what can be done there. It was a combination of sand and trees, reminding me of savanna place, although I have never been there.


We left Dubai around 6 am to reach the place just on the sunrise. The road usually takes 45 minutes to reach the place from most parts in Dubai. In late autumn – winter the sun rises around 7 am.

"I’ve always said that having a photo shoot is more than about beautiful pics. It’s about looking at yourself through the eyes of a person behind the camera and seeing your true self.

Of course in 1 condition, if the photographer is good enough to see and capture your inner glow. Tanya IS that kind of photographer. I’ve never felt more beautiful." 


Maria Artemova - 

To be honest, I really enjoy early hours on weekends: no traffic and no people. It was a peaceful and serene day. The one to be remembered about.


It was a bit chilly, so sweaters were just in place.


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