Beauty about home sessions

Due to the Covid situation in the whole world our homes became are fortresses, where we spend most of the time. 


During the lockdown in Dubai I looked at my house from another angle. It was hard at first but you know, all the difficulties make us stronger and I started to value what we have.  We finally decided to paint our three walls and that was the best decision. It feels like us now. I know that many people in Dubai rent their homes as well as we do. 

If you ask me where I would like my family to be photographed, I would say at home.


I want to remember about our time here in UAE. Where we lived, how my kids played, what we ate, where we slept and much more. I know that our brain cannot contain all the details. But photographs can. This is such a great tool to preserve and stop the moments to live forever in our albums. We can show it to our friends and relatives who might live far away from you.


My kids like to look at photos when we lived in other places in Dubai and in Ukraine. Emotions rush at you and you are back to that nostalgic feelings and memories.


You might think that your home is not perfect or it’s messy, or you are not ready to be photographed there. 


I would like to share my thoughts about how the real and authentic photoshoot can be done.


My Why

I like to shoot at client’s homes because:

·       It’s your place and you feel much more relaxed there. You don’t have to rush anywhere or worry about weather conditions or too crowded places

·       We can capture everything you want to remember about your life at this place 

·       This is your own story because this is your home. Nobody else will have the same and it’s so unique, isn’t it?

·       You can change clothes, you can grab smth to eat. Kids can shout and run and there will be nobody else around except you.  You can do anything! 

·       We can do it anytime convenient for you. No limits. Even if it’s hot outside… it’s not inside, right?

You may ask me “But, Tanya, what do you mean by saying that you will capture our life?” I know it might be awkward at first. But it’s totally normal! This is why I suggest thinking out of different activities you can do when I come. 


So.. what can you do? 


·       Dressing up your kids

·       Catching the first morning  sun rays

·       Brushing your teeth

·       Preparing food (cake, smoothie or salad?)

·       Having breakfast (at home or in the garden)

·       Playing, drawing, dancing, reading together

·       If you have a garden you can play outside, do gardening, splashing in a swimming pool

·       if you homeschool your kids, why not capturing this? 

·       if you work from home, we can capture this as well!


There are much mor we can create. But less words, more photographs to illustrate what I mean.