15 ideas what to do with kids at home during a lifestyle home photosession

Engage your kids with these fun activities during the photosession

There are many activities that can help create meaningful and authentic moments during the photosession with kids. 


Life is given to make connections. Connections with your children, parents, and husband/wife.



I know that sometimes we don't know what to do or just have no wish. I have been there!


But a family photosession can be a great opportunity to learn something new as a family.


This is why I want to share 15 ideas on how you can connect with your family at home.


1) Bake or cook together in the kitchen and share food together afterward.

2) Have a picnic in the living room on a blanket. Let's have a tea party! Do something you have never done before.

3) Build a fort or blanket fort and have a cozy reading time inside.

4) Do arts and crafts, such as painting or drawing. Crayons, markers, watercolor paints or cut figures from  paper. Make paper crowns for everyone. Sky is the limit.

5) Play board games or card games: Chess, Uno, Domino or a Jenga to name a few.

6) Have a dance party with your favorite music.

7) Play dress-up and have a mini fashion show: queens, kings, princesses, superheroes, lions or tigers.

8) Do a science experiment or DIY project together. You can see many nice ideas HERE.

9) Have a family pillow fight or tickle session. Kids love it!

10) Do yoga or exercise routines together.

11) Plant and tend to a small indoor garden or potted plants.

12) Have a tea party or mocktail-making session. 

13) Build a puzzle or solving riddles.

14) Read books aloud and create a storytelling session. Use toys to illustrate the stories.

15) Create and decorate homemade cards or crafts for special occasions. Kids can create cards for their parents or grandparents.


3 more bonus ideas you can do together:)


16)  play the piano if you have one. Organize a concert and enjoy music together.

17) Create a family photo album or scrapbook together.

18) Simply spend quality time together, talking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company.

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