15 ideas of activities during a Lifestyle Family Photosession.

Any family photosession is about a unique experience. It should be about joy, comfort and happiness. Not much stress. Because otherwise what is the point of it all, right?

What is the best way to start feeling comfortable in front of the camera? The answer is simple: do things together and stop paying attention at a camera person. Think of activities your family usually do or always wanted to try. Brainstorm ideas.  Have a list or make a new one. Is there something you do together on weekends, every day, once a week or once a month? What makes your children happy? 

It might sound complicated but I will give you some ideas of what can bring happy moments and emotions during the photosession.


1. Go for a walk or hike in a scenic location;
2. Have a picnic or barbecue in a park or backyard;
3. Play a game outdoors: ball, badminton, mini golf or frisbee;
4. Fly kites;
5. Blow bubbles;
6. Have a water fight;
7. Play in a sprinkler;
8. Visit a farmer's market or fair;
9. Have a family meal together: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Indoors or in the garden. Decorate the table with kids;
10. Play musical instruments or sing songs together;
11. Have a family workout or yoga session;
12. Bake cookies or have a family cooking session: salad, spaghetti, avocado toasts, making a smoothie from fresh berries or fruits;
13. Read books together in a cozy corner of the house or tell stories together;
14. Have a family board game night: play chess, domino or any other game you like;
15. Explore a new neighborhood or city and take photos along the way.