11 Tips for Getting the Best Family Photos with Your Kids

There are kids in the frame! Don't panic! It will be fun!

I am sure many families want to have photographs and photo albums to cherish their life together but the thought of bringing kids to a photosession might be terrifying. 

What if they start crying out of the blue or on a day of a photosession they will be cranky and moody? What if there will be tears in a photo? Or someone is not smiling? What if there will be no perfect picture? This is a catastrophe, or it is not? What do you think? Or maybe this is what you believe in?


Such negative beliefs won't do any good. In the end there will be no photosession, no photos and no memories. But the things is that kids grow, we grow and change with them. 


First of all, I want you to change your mindset about a photosession. These photographs are not for a magazine or a billboard. These images are only for you. To show the truth, to tell a story. To laugh, cry and talk together after many years and remember those moments you shared together. To go back to that feelings and experience you had on a day of a photosession.

It's not about how perfect you look. It's about your real life. 


This is what I believe in and I want you to look this way as well. We are not perfect and this is amazing.

But I would like to share some tips and ideas that might help you start thinking positive and easy about a photosession with children. You just need to be ready.


Here are 10 tips for getting the best family photos with your kids.

1. Schedule the photoshoot for a time when your kids are most energetic and happy, such as after a nap or mealtime. It's very important.

2. Choose a location that your kids will feel comfortable in, such as a favorite park or playground. Or do they feel comfortable at home?

3. Dress your family in coordinating outfits, but don't be too matchy-matchy. Choose colors and patterns that complement each other.

4. Bring props that your kids will enjoy playing with, such as balloons, toys, kite or bubbles. You can bring a blanket to play hide-and-seek.

5. Tell your me about any specific shots you want to capture, such as a family portrait or individual shots of each child. 


6. Encourage your kids to be themselves and have fun during the photoshoot. Candid shots often turn out the best and they are my favourite. 

7. Don't force your kids to smile or pose a certain way. Please, don't do it. Let them be natural and the photos will be more authentic.

8. Be prepared with snacks. Kids can get hungry and thirsty during a photosession, so it's always a good idea to bring along some snacks and drinks to keep them energized and happy.

9. If your kids are having a meltdown, take a break and try again later. Children don't need to be happy all the time. They are not models and there is no need for being smily during the whole photosession.

10. Pack extra clothes: Accidents can happen, so it's always a good idea to bring along some extra clothes for both kids and adults. This way, if someone spills something or gets dirty, you can quickly change into a fresh outfit.

11. Don't stress too much about getting the "perfect" shot. Family photos should be about capturing memories and having fun with your loved ones.

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